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Help fellow Jews in Sderot and in Israel

The incredible joy of this year’s Simchat Torah was dampened by the devastating news coming out of the land of Israel.

Hundreds of our dear brothers and sisters were murdered and kidnapped, with thousands more wounded.

Understandably, the entire Jewish world is horrified and pained, many feeling at a complete loss. It is during such times that we turn to the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who gave us clear, strong, and empowering guidance for such situations.

First and foremost, the Rebbe teaches us, we must fortify our Emunah—faith and Bitachon—trust in Hashem. He protects us and pays particular close attention to those
living in the Holy Land. This alone will go a long way into bringing an immediate salvation.

Furthermore, the Rebbe teaches, we must take practical action, using our spiritual weapons of Torah and Mitvzot—commandments, with an emphasis on donning Tefillin. More specifically, the Rebbe always encouraged to increase in Torah, Tefillah—prayer, and Tzedakah, charitable deeds and acts of goodness and kindness (volunteer to help a fellow Jew).

We can also let our friends and families know the following important message: We, the Jewish people, are all one body. What happens to the foot impacts the head, and vice versa.

Every mitzvah one Jew does, anywhere in the world, has a powerful protective influence on our fellow Jews living in the land of Israel. So, do even one more mitzvah, and with Hashem’s help, we will collectively see remarkable salvation very soon!

Help Sderot today with food and emergency supplies


Sderot, just 1 kilometre from the Gaza strip, was one of the worst hit by Saturday’s surprise attack by Hamas terrorists. Hundreds of missiles rained down on the city, causing significant damage. Gunmen raided homes door-to-door, taking Israelis captive, and occupied the town’s police station, murdering at least twenty members of the Israeli police during the fighting. The blood of our brothers and sisters stains streets and homes throughout this community of 21,000 people.

The horrific siege continued for hours.

For Rabbi Asher Pizam, head of the Chabad of Sderot, and for others in the community, their entire life has been tragically shaped by the onslaught of rockets from Gaza. But this is on an unprecedented scale.

In partnership with Chabad of Sderot, you can help this devastated town.

Chabad of Sderot distributes food and other basic provisions to the elderly, those in need, and the homebound who cannot leave their apartment for fear of being stranded in the open during a Code Red alert with only seconds to run to the shelter. Chabad also reaches out to the many soldiers stationed in and around the area.

Please help our brothers and sisters in this devastated community to get the food and essentials they need. All donations will be directed fully to Chabad of Sderot via Mada.

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We pray for the safety and security of the land of Israel, and may we merit the ultimate redemption very soon!

Rabbi Chaim S. Cohen