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Care & Call Program

Your call could save a life. Loneliness hurts. Another unique volunteer opportunity with MADA.

The MADA Care & Call Program is designed to contact and ensure the well-being of MADA clients who have no social support and who live alone.Volunteers commit to making a daily telephone call to MADA clients living alone to ensure that they are in good health and do not require medical assistance.

Volunteers must make a daily telephone call to two MADA clients wishing to be called and who have signed a contract to that effect (below). The contract will attest to the client’s availability to receive the volunteer’s call, except in the event that he/she has made other temporary arrangements.

At the MADA family, we want to ensure and secure our members’ well-being by caring and being involved. That is why we have created this exciting new program.

MADA’s Care & Call Program is a daily telephone service designed to provide you with peace of mind and security. By participating in this program, you will receive a daily call from a volunteer to confirm your well-being.

MADA invites you to join our Call & Care program!
Volunteer from home by contacting one or two MADA clients each day to provide social support for those living alone.

Call to inquire.

The effectiveness of this service is dependent on the following conditions:

1. You will be contacted by a MADA volunteer every weekday at a pre-arranged time. If the volunteer is unable to contact you the first time, then he/she will make two subsequent calls at 15-minute intervals.

2. After three calls, if there is still no response, the volunteer will call your two back-up numbers (e.g. a neighbour, friend or relative) who can be reached in the event of an emergency. You will need to provide these numbers on the Back-Up Phones Form.

3. If we are still unable to contact you or your back-ups, we will, with your pre-arranged permission, take steps to ensure that you are well. Emergency access to your home will then take place through:
a) Your having left a key with a designated person or;
b) Directly with MADA, or;
c) The volunteer calling the authorities (police).

4. We want to emphasize that by leaving a copy of your key with a neighbour you may prevent the authorities from having to break the door. (We certainly want to avoid your having to pay for any damages done to your door!)
You are responsible to let us know if you are planning to be away from home at the time that you and the volunteer have agreed on for your daily phone call.

5. During Jewish holidays, there will be no phone calls. You will be notified of the dates before each holiday.

The MADA Care & Call Program daily telephone service is offered free of charge to registered C&C clients.

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