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Shabbat to Share

An enriched Shabbat-in-a-box with everything you need to commemorate the day, including abeautiful meal and a friendly visit each week, delivered by our caring volunteers.

The Carole and Andy Harper Shabbat to Share program, launched by Mada in 2011, spreads kindness and love within the community. Every Thursday, volunteers deliver a Shabbat box with a traditional Shabbat dinner, including candles and grape juice, to those 65 and over, with special needs or socially isolated due to illness, financial difficulties or other challenges. These visits offer those who may be alone nourishment of both the body and soul — providing a sense of belonging and connection to community, and a reminder to the recipient that they are valued and never alone. Through this act of kindness, the Shabbat to Share program creates a ripple effect, strengthening bonds and spreading love one Shabbat box at a time.

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“Thank you for the delivered meals during my surgery recovery; they've helped me bounce back and take better care of myself, and I can't wait to give back to your organization once I have completely recovered.”

- Shabbat to Share client
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receive the warmth of a Shabbat meal and a sense of belonging with community thanks to the delivery of Mada’s Shabbat to Share boxes.
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